Thursday, December 24, 2009

Beach On My Birthday Is.... PERFECT.

(I'm the first from the left, just so you know :p)

I went there with IE's friends & seniors. the beach is very beautiful. I had so much fun that time. drank salt water. eat sand. no kidding. blame kakak2 dan teman2 yg menyiksaku habis-habisan. hahahaha. too bad I missed the sunset :( I got a surprise at the end, btw. thank you so much everyone. totally the best birthday ever I will always remember that day. December, 12th, 2009 was one of those days I don't ever forget the details of. Anyway, one of my friends, Adjue, ditembak gitu deh dibawah karang pas sunset hihihi. congrats my dear friend. happy for you! now back to study. bentar lagi UAS nih. sighhhh T_T wish me luck!!! and oh MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR, GUYS :)

warm hugs,