Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ugly Face, Beautiful Heart.

At first, I want to write about my love-life. But all of sudden, this song played at my iTunes. Then I remember them...........

"You and I left our troubles far behind. But I still have just one more question on my mind. For all my pals who live in the oceans and the seas. With friends like these, well... who needs enemies?"

Yessss Sir Adam, I agree with you! Who need enemies when I have friends like them? Though they are new in my life (they are my college mates, fyi), but I have a feeling that our friendship will be everlasting. I'm always feeling happy with them. We laugh hysterically about things that probably weren't technically funny. We laugh nonstop because of things only we can understand. We share our problems. We share our feelings. We talk about idiot things. We do idiot things. In fact, we all are idiot hahahaha :D We talk about sarcastic jokes, but nobody's hurt. Because we all know its just joke. We have a nickname for each other. We play together but we also study together. We support each other. We have a strong solidarity friendship. We work hard to reach our dreams. We know we can!!! :)

Its kinda non-sense, we can really really close like this, THIS fast. I mean, playing with them is just like playing with old pals. When the first time I play with them, I know we are connected. They are one of the best thing in my life. So grateful to have such a great friends like them. They all are wonderful. And I called them: BESTFRIENDS

"You're the bird, I'm the worm. And it's plain to see. That we were meant to be..."

This is soooooooo funny!!
Me (left) is like Bawang Merah and Wida (right) is like Bawang Putih.
Look at our expression muahahaha

The girls. COMPLETE! :))

The boys. They wore sempak (undies in english) in their head. Idiot.

(fcorse its just kidding. but the boys like photo with the gay pose SO much, I dont know why -.-")

Smoochies for you guys, who (still) read my blog
and OMG. are you kidding me?! 50 followers! WHOA!!! thank you :)

P.S: Taylor Swift won 4 Grammy Awards!!! She even beat Beyonce in 'Album of The Year'. She is the youngest artist in history to win Album of the Year award (Swift is 20 y.o) So cool, right?! Though, her performance at that night wasn't so good. But still, CONGRATSS!! and oh, the song is The Bird and The Worm by Owl City. just realized his song is ah-ma-zing :D


pentilkuda said...

american alay

hahaha nice blog!
all of u look lke fckindamnshit I'm real! (JK)
makkur hve being gay,but I'm not,I'm jst such a whore like tante sarkem

makkur,I miss you up!*grin grin*

nickofebrianto said...

Nice Post Gan !!
Luckily, there're only a few weird photos of me. *lol

Nisa Puspasari Anindyani said...

adlan: nama lo knp mesti pentil kuda sih -_- btw komen lo ga jelas dah tp ttp i lop u pul deh gahaha

Nisa Puspasari Anindyani said...

nicko: thanks gan hehe. iya nih orang lo dibalik kamera muluuuu woooo!

Anonymous said...

fotonya bagus2,lucu lucu :D

Silmi Sabila said...

Great blog!!!

Nisa Puspasari Anindyani said...

thanks both of you :) xx