Friday, April 10, 2009

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  1. I didn't get ITB, and it means, I failed twice. I'm so sad :'( And now, I pray for UGM! Oh dear god, give me a chance to make my parents proud...
  2. And because I failed twice, I'm feeling insecure. I'm scared I didn't get any PTN. Seriously I want to cry if I think about university-thingy. But my friends told me that I may not give up. And I found this great quote:

    "Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm."
    -Sir Winston Churchill

  3. UAN is getting very very closer. Go study hard! NEM minimal 54, yeaaah
  4. I recently listening to Love Story by Taylor Swift. The lyrics is really nice!
  5. I have deactivated my facebook and freeze my plurk.
  6. I have twitter. Follow me, here! Eventhough plurk is way more fun, but at twitter you can find many hollywood's artist. I found Selena Gomez, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and many moree
  7. I hate him. He didn't say hi to me at MSN. Why I cant get over himm??


Sisil said...

jangan kelamaan sedih nya kak hehe mudah mudahan bisa masuk ugm ya kak hehe eh cara ngefreeze plurk gimana kak?

Anonymous said...

Failure is the key to success :)

I know you must feel stressed out about college, i felt the same when I didn't get into ITB! But never give up, I'm sure your parent will still be proud of you regardless of what university you go to!

Good luck on your final exams, take care!

Anonymous said...

hey semangat ya! trust me UAN ga sesusah itu ko. hehe semangat yaaa ;) u will get a uni ko,surely ;)

Nisa Puspasari said...
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Nisa Puspasari said...

sisil: thank you dear. caranya di my acoount sil ;)

cassey: the quote is so right and yes i wont give up! anywy thank you casseeey =)

kak cellini: amiiiin2 makasih kaak hehehe

Sigit said...

hemmmmm ..........

nadia sekarsari said...

hey sist, go stand up!! i'll always support you!

bey said...

insecure nissssss. btw tenang2, we will survive! (padahal sendirinya ga tenang) hahahaha

eh gue juga bikin twitter ha ha ha ha

tandodol said...

tenaaaang, ugm pasti lolos kok lo, santai ajaaa

Skylice said...

semangaaat yaaah APA! hahaha gw tau lo bisa!

inya said...

chayo nisaaaa! :D
setiap orang belajar dari kegagalan kok. orang sukses juga pasti sempet gagal. jadi ayo berjuaaaang! :)

Kimo Allegra said...

Good luck nisa, for UGM :)

adinda andi anas said...

ayo nisa, pokoknya kamu harus tetep semangat yaaa....!!!!
jalan satu ketutup masih ada jalan lain yang kebuka buat kamu, tenang aja sayang, jgn dibikin stress, ntar malah hasilnya ga maksimal.

never give uuuuuppppp darling :D

Nisa Puspasari said...

sigit: apa maksudnya dgn hemmmmm ..........?

nadia aka my sister: I LOVE YOU

bebek: hehe thnkuu for correcting. yess bersama kita bisa! hahaha <3

Nisa Puspasari said...

tando: ahh makasih tando, amin2

sarita: you too sweetay, go usm 2! :D

ina: makasih inaaa. makanya doain nyusul ya itb hehe

Nisa Puspasari said...


kak dinda: iya kaa,makasih yaa. hehe kisses :3

Enep said...

keep your spirit up, girl! and I wish you a massive good luck for UGM :D

Nisa Puspasari said...

Enep: whoa amiiin2, anywy merci! :)

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Failure is always the key to sucess, good luck!

Putri Erdisa said...

wah, i really love the quote ka! :D
anyway, yeah, it's right that failure is not that bad.
from fail, you can get maaaaaany lesson to gain. but from success, oh please, what did you get?
nothing; except an uncontinuously happiness!
so please dont give up ka!
masih ada snmptn kok.. come on, beat 'em! xD

Nisa Puspasari said...

Libby: thank you thank you!! xoxo too from me!

putri: yeah the quote is really good, isnt it? hihi yeah im ready to beat them! :D

Anonymous said...

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