Sunday, March 8, 2009

10 things

that makes today is so sucks:

1. My mouse is broken
2. My parents went to Magelang to visit my sister until Tuesday.
3. So, I'm alone at home.
4. And now, I'm bored.
5. I want to go out, but I don't have enough money.
6. I want to go to my cousin's house, but she is going to JJF.
7. All of TV channels are boringgg.
8. I have watched all of my DVDs.
9. I haven't buy some new books.
10. And the most is, the internet connection is very bad!!

HELP MEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


mellovegood said...

bener deh Nis kasian banget elo hahaha, udah ga ngapa2in koneksi net nya lemot gitu ckckck sabar ya

nugraha adi putra said...

masih mending mosnya doang.. nah gw.. keyboardnya..

*nendang kaleng*

Nisa said...

ho oh so sad bgt gue mel huhuhu. wah kl keyboardnya rusak trs gmn dng ngetiknya?