Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Seems just like yesterday
You calling me baby
Now i'm alone
And i cant help crying

That night you said
You still wanna us to be friends
Still share some stories
But you such a big liar

You dont wanna us keep in touch
Its okay, I dont care anymore
No tears will fall again from my eyes
Will I regret? I dont think so

I promise to myself
To not remember anything about you
Because thinking about you just waste my time
I can't wait for you to be gone

And I say to all of my friends
That I'm not remember about you anymore
But now I realize
That I'm a big liar too

I still remember about you
Last night i cried
Those sweet memories
Just can't go out from my mind

Why cant I forget him?
Oh boy teach me how to forget you
Just like you forget me so easily

Time will tell
Time will heal
Oh dear god
Please make me strong

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